Lady Heather updated to 6.14 Beta

At the prodding of an interested user, I’ve finally got a copy of the 6.14 Beta source updated with the changes to support SDL rendering. There was a bug I ran into a while ago that affected serial comms, so I never finished getting this updated. But I squashed it last night and everything has run for 12+ hours on both of my test devices.

A macOS binary for Intel and Apple Silicon can be downloaded here. As with the previous distribution, this is command line software and requires you to use the terminal to run it. Should work on macOS 11+.

Source code is available on GitHub. Keep in mind this is not the official 6.14 Beta – the source has been modified to include an SDL renderer option which makes it much nicer to run on macOS without needing X11. If you don’t want SDL rendering, it should still build for X11 just fine I would think. All the SDL changes are #ifdef’d