Elecraft KX1 kit complete and debugged


Finally got the KX1 kit built and fully operational. I actually finished the kit last Tuesday, but realized while using it over the weekend that pushing on a portion of the case resulted in the signal dropping out (send and receive.) After some groveling through the circuit, I finally found where I had melted the enamel on one of the LPF toroids from the KXB3080 kit when I reflowed the joint on the opposite side. Moved just right, it would short to ground. Oops.


Ended up with the base KX1, along with the KXAT1 internal tuner, KXB3080 30/80m module, and the power mod.

Many thanks to Elecraft and their parts department – they mailed me a replacement envelope of inductors when a cat decided that my nicely laid out row of inductors was ready for destruction.